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Company Overview

Football Nation™ connects NFL and College football fans with each other and exciting and engaging content. There is no depressing news (unless you are a Redskins fan), no political, no BS, and no lifestyle gossip. Football Nation is PURE, All Football All the time.

Football Nation is the home for breaking football stories, aspiring football writers, attention grabbing posts, and exciting photos and videos, created by football fans for football fans. If you like to give opinions on your favorite teams and players, or take shots at opponents, highlight awesome plays, or share humor and cool stuff you've found on other sites or Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, trivia quizzes, then this is the place for you! Every Fan has his or her own profile page, and can share any content they create or like from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. If your content becomes popular, you earn Game Balls for your efforts and awards. To become a citizen of Football Nation, all you need to do is sign up for an account, make a post that you think would do well on FN, and publish. Welcome to the Nation.

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