All the good, and the bad and the ugly didn't necessarily have to do with players being drafted.  But that didn't make it wrong?

The Good: Drew Pearson

It isn't wrong to say Drew Pearson won the second day of the draft.  When called upon to make the Dallas Cowboys second round selection, Pearson let the Philadelphia crowd know exactly where his allegiance stands.  It was epic.  It was delightful.  It was the best of the draft so far.  (Not withstanding Kingston Bolles)

The Bad: Martavis Bryant

After the Pittsburgh Steelers selected JuJu Smith-Schuster, Bryant felt it necessary to Tweet that Smith-Schuster was the replacement for Sammie Coates not for Bryant.  Bryant later deleted the Tweet.  Coates replied "HAHAHAHAHA".  And then head coach Mike Tomlin Tweeted "Play nice boys".

Okay so Bryant is just returning from a suspension.  Listen up Bryant, perhaps for your return the first steps would not be to throw your teammates under the bus?  Just a thought.

The Ugly: Cincinnati Bengals, Joe Mixon

At the announcement of the pick of Mixon, the Philadelphia crowd robustly boo-ed.  Mixon's transgression(s) were hideous, and caught on tape, and played over and over again.  And unfortunately that wasn't his only mishap off the field.  There are reports of him in a yelling altercation with a police officer, culminating in him ripping up a parking ticket in the officer's face.  No, not quite on the same level as punching a woman in the face, but nevertheless shows a lack of good judgement. 

His talent on the field is without question.

If we were all filmed doing the worst thing on our worst day would we be able to withstand the scrutiny?  I'm not sure.  

Is Mixon being judged because his chosen profession is one that is more lucrative than that of 90% of the population?  If he was simply a cook would he be denied the ability to make his living?

What Mixon did in 2014 was ugly.  The crowd response to his draft selection was equally ugly.  And the rehashing of the incident as the media will do will be ugly.  

His play on the field, his judgement going forward, that remains to be seen.