New England's GM Bill Belichick must move forward with his team's building process for the 2017 season. Evaluating his players, dealing with the Salary Cap, and making decisions about the teams free agents, and personnel.

Last year the Patriots carried 3 QB's, and with Tom Brady showing no signs of slowing down, it would seem to indicate that QB Jimmy Garoppolo could be traded. This would allow for QB Jacoby Brissett to get more reps. during practice to continue his development.

So with Garoppolo under contract for another year, and his value very high, it seems likely he is traded before this years draft.

Last summer the Chicago Bears practiced with the Patriots, against QB Garoppolo who was getting the first team reps. The Patriots knew Brady was going to miss the first 4 games, so Garoppolo was going to be the starting QB.

It seems the Bears were in a great position to evaluate Garoppolo during these joint practices. Was this by design? Could the Bears have been looking ahead toward this year.

With this in mind, I'm projecting the Bears trade for Garoppolo prior to this years draft. The question becomes, what is fair value to pull off a deal?

A lot depends on how GM Belichick considers his teams future needs in the draft. Which prospects he would like to add to his team, and their availability in the draft. Future picks for next year could also be wise in the team building process. So there is a lot to consider.

Another possibility could be a player swap for Garoppolo. Targeted players could be guys who could step in day one, unlike a draft pick with no NFL experience. One name that looks promising could be, OG Kyle Long 6'6" 320 pounds. At 28 years old, Long has solid experience, even tho missing much of the 2016 season with an injury.

So there could be a number of trade possibilities. The Bears could send Kyle Long, and their 3d round pick (2017) to the Patriots, for Jimmy Garoppolo and the Patriots 3d round pick (2017). This would allow the Bears to keep a 3d round pick, only moving back in the draft order, while the Patriots move up.

Kyle Long has the versatility to play OG or OT, and could help protect Tom Brady, at Right OG, day one.

You can see there is a lot to consider when team building.