The NFL's free agency period opened on Thursday and GM's around the league got to work right away. Bears GM Ryan Pace has already been working overtime, signing 8 players already as of this writing. Below is a list of all the Bears big time roster moves so far:

Resigned (Staying)CB Johnthan Banks (I don’t know enough about him), K Connor Barth (I’m ok with him), C/G Eric Kush (I like him)

Quintin DempsQuintin Demps with Houston

Free agents signed (Coming): CB Prince Amukamara (Jaguars) (I love this former Nebraska Husker! He was a 1st round pick by the NY Giants in 2011. He still has more in his tank and he'll be a big improvement over what the Bears had last year), OT Tom Compton (Falcons) (Never heard of him), CB Marcus Cooper (Cardinals) (Never heard of him), S Quintin Demps (Texans) (He’s good but he’s 32 years old and has been with 5 other teams already? Sounds like a journeyman. Hopefully he's not another Antrel Rolle.), QB Mike Glennon (Buccaneers) (I don’t think he’s the long-term answer but the Bears are gonna draft a QB anyway. Glennon might only have one year if he’s worse than average or two max if he’s mediocre or better. Of course his future depends on the draft picks probably more than his own play.), TE Dion Sims (Dolphins), WR Markus Wheaton (Steelers), WR Kendall Wright (Titans) (I like this former Baylor Bear. He's got speed to burn.)

Mike Glennon with N.C. State

They Gone! (Going): QB Matt Barkley (49ers) (I liked him but he was extremely turnover prone as he tried forcing it to make plays for a lousy team), QB Jay Cutler (released) (I’ve always been a big Cutler backer despite his faults. I’ve been preaching for too many years that it’s not all Cutler’s fault. In fact, it’s everybody else’s fault more than his. He’s not blameless either of course. Overall, I think Cutler was/is unfairly criticized but we all know it’s time to move on), QB Brian Hoyer (49ers) (Too conservative with short throws, I’m fine with him leaving), WR Alshon Jeffery (Eagles) (I used to love him but he’s overrated and proved to be unreliable once Brandon Marshall left. He’s not a #1 WR.), G/C Ted Larsen (Dolphins) (Good but the Bears are overloaded at C/G), TE Logan Paulsen (49ers) (If you read my Football Nation columns, you know I hate this guy. He stinks!…like a skunk), DE Cornelius Washington (Lions) (Never did much, not a good fit for a 3-4 defense).

Prince Amukamara GiantsPrince Amukamara with N.Y. Giants

I know what you’re thinking……Logan “The Skunk” Paulsen is gone! Can you believe the 49ers signed him? What were they thinking? They must not have read my columns last season. Meanwhile, the quarterback carousel is officially underway as Jay Cutler, Brian Hoyer, and Matt Barkley are out on the curb, either waiting for the garbage man or already at the landfill dump in the cases of both Hoyer and Barkley (they signed with San Francisco). Man those 49ers….are they tanking? They must be trying to lose. It’s hard to believe they were really impressed by Chicago’s 2 QB’s and Paulsen when they lost at Soldier Field in December. Who knows? Maybe this is proof of why they have fallen to the bottom of the NFL so quickly. During the Jim Harbaugh years, they were awesome. Then it all fell apart so quickly. Strange, but that’s the modern NFL.

That's it for now, but free agency has only been open for 5 days. Expect more roster shuffling by GM Pace soon. Meanwhile, I have some thoughts on the Bears Draft prospects coming up in April so be on the lookout for my Bears Draft Preview.

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