Coming off back to back seasons of mediocrity, many Colts, particularly those not brought in by Chris Ballard need to impress during training camp, or risking losing their role and perhaps their roster spot.

1. WR Phillip Dorsett: This one is pretty self explanatory, Dorsett, who Ryan Grigson infamously selected over Landon Collins and others in the first round of the 2015 draft has been a complete bust in his first two seasons. With a paltry 753 yards and only three touchdowns over two seasons, if Dorsett continues to be a one dimensional deep threat and does not add to his game, it is easy to see him becoming the fifth receiver for this team. Chris Ballard heaping praise on Chester Rogers this offseason should be particularly concerning for Dorsett as he seeks to maintain his role in the offense. It is even possible that Ballard could use Dorsett to make a statement and show that nobody is safe by cutting him, similar to what he did with former LS Matt Overton.

2. NT David Parry: Chris Ballard has said that he will judge Parry based on his football, not his recent criminal issues which include a guilty plea to a felony of attempting to commit unlawful means of transportation, but one would have to think that if it's close, Parry's off the field issues will not help his cause. Parry, who led the Colts defensive line in snaps last season now has real competition. Al Woods, who took the first team reps at Nose Tackle in OTAs and Jonathan Hankins who can play out of a 0 technique at NT or a 3 technique at DT, pose threats to Parry's role. Chris Ballard has opted to give Parry a chance at training camp, but he has to prove he deserves to be here against Ballard's acquisitions.

3. S TJ Green: Like Dorsett, Green is an early round Ryan Grigson pick who has not lived up to expectations. Green was even rated the worst Safety in the NFL last year by Pro Football Focus. By resigning Darius Butler and taking Malik Hooker 15th overall, it is clear that Green is in serious trouble. Hooker, an elite ballhawk, is a perfect match for rising star Clayton Geathers who is known for his hard hits and they are clearly the safety tandem of the future, with Butler serving as veteran depth and potentially a nickel cornerback. But Green will have one last chance to prove he belongs, as both Hooker and Geathers are currently injured and will likely be brought along rather slowly, allowing Green to get plenty of reps and opportunities.

4. RT Le'Raven Clark: Le'Raven Clark may yet prove to be a decent Grigson draft choice, after sitting for most of his rookie season, Clark got some action late in the season and looked much improved. Coming from a spread offense at Texas Tech, Clark was supposed to be a project player and it appears offensive line coach Joe Philbin has helped him along. If that progress continues, Clark should lock up a starting spot quickly, as he already is getting the majority of first team reps at Right Tackle. If Clark can step up, that leaves the Colts with five reliable offensive linemen, something they have not had in the Andrew Luck era. Clark's roster spot is not in any danger like the other players on this list, but if he emerged as a solid option on the offensive line, it could mean a problem that has plagued the Colts for years is finally solved.

The Colts have added many interesting pieces this offseason, from Hankins to Hooker, but it will also be interesting to see how the players who have already been in a Colts uniform develop and whether they can stay ahead of the new competition. training camp this year should reveal a lot about this team, and may decide the fates of former early round draft picks, and the former anchor of the defensive line.