According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Dallas Cowboys running back, Ezekiel Elliott, is "bracing" for a short suspension from the NFL due to a domestic violence incident from his rookie year. 

Zeke is still under investigation and the NFL is waiting to hear his testimony regarding new evidence the league has found.

Schefter is reporting Zeke would serve a short suspension, something along the lines of one or two games if found guilty. 

So how does this impact all of you with a Top 5 pick? Simple answer...IT DOESN'T. 

Just last year Le'Veon Bell was suspended for the first few games and still managed to finish as the Number 4 overall running back.

Zeke the Freak led the league in rushing as a rookie. Yes he has a tremendous offensive line but his talent is among the best in the league for the position. No reason to pass over him with any of the Top 5 picks in PPR or Standard formats. EVEN IF HE'S SUSPENDED FOR TWO GAMES!!!

We would gladly take 14 games of Ezekiel Elliott on our roster especially if you can draft his hand-cuff, Darren McFadden or Alfred Morris, real late in your draft and start one of them in his place for the 1st two weeks of the season.

Don't overreact to this news and also keep in mind, there really isn't any news. Schefter is simply reporting he "COULD" be suspended if NFL investigators find him guilty.