When you're a Sports Memorabilia collector you want to show off and brag about your collections, even if that means indicting yourself in the Tom Brady stolen Super Bowl Jersey case. 

Because that is apparently exactly what Martin Mauricio Ortega did when he sent fellow memorabilia collector, 19 year old Patriots fan Tom Wagner, photos of his collection.

 After an exchanges between the two on eBay, Ortega and 19 year old Dylan Wagner began sharing photos of their collections. Wagner took special notice to Tom Brady's jersey from Super Bowl 49 that was prominently on display in one of the photos.

Once the news broke that not only was Brady's jersey from Super Bowl 51 stolen but so was his jersey from Super Bowl 49, Wagner got in touch with a friend who helped share the photo with the FBI.

And within weeks, the FBI raided Ortega's house and found the stolen merchandise. 

So yes, it may have been Jay Glazer who combed through the locker-room video footage, but it was Wagner's photo and exchange with Ortega that first put the guilty party under the FBI's mircoscope.

Bigger issue at hand now that the jersey has been returned: What will Tom Brady or the Patriots do for Wagner since he's the one who cracked open the case and is the integral piece to help get the jersey returned to its rightful owner?  Free tickets? Autographed footballs? Throw this teenager a bone here...