About three weeks ago Todd Heap and his family experienced the unimaginable.  While backing his truck up in his driveway, Heap accidentally ran over and killed his three year old daughter, Holly.

Wednesday May 3, would have been Holly's fourth birthday, and the Heap Family are asking us all to help celebrate.  Wednesday 3 May will be #HugsFromHollyDay.  It has been said that the three year old gave the best hugs around. "Her love for everyone and everything in life was contagious.  Let's spread this joy as we scatter sunshine in Holly's honor on her birthday." 

The site HugsFromHolly.com is asking us to wear pink in honor of Holly.  We should emulate her ability to spread joy, by sharing hugs and random acts of kindness.  The site also asks that you post pictures of families spreading joy by going on social media with the pictures using the hashtag #hugsfromhollyday. 

Just think for one day we can help the Heap family while helping ourselves.  When the tragedy happened I remember thinking how does one get over this?  Now we know, how one tries.  By taking the memory and spreading the good thoughts over the globe.  Wear pink or dress your dog, cat, or bird in pink.  Hug that one person you know needs a hug.  Do one random act of kindness.  

I can't imagine what the Heap family has/is going through.  But I marvel at the way they are attempting to confront the tragedy.  

On Holly's birthday, let's saturate the world with pink.  Go to the website HugsFromHolly.com.  Be kind.  And say a small meditation for the Heap family, and in your moment of kindness whisper happy birthday Holly.


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