The hype continues, and is clearly the worst part of the two week Super Bowl wait.

The Patriots and the Falcons are the two best teams, after a hard fought play-off schedule. But braking down the two teams, a few things stand out.

Both teams are very good at NOT turning the ball over, which as always, is very important in the outcome of any game.

The Patriots are 3d best in the league for yards after the catch in the passing game. The Falcons are the worst team in the league, for tackling after the catch against the teams they played, this season.

Both teams have high power offenses , so the defenses will make the difference in this game.

The Patriots come into this game with a "bend but do not brake defense". They gave up a league best 15.8 points per game. However, the Patriots give up a lot of yards in the middle of the field, and then hold teams out of the end zone.

The Falcons defense has "team speed", but the before mentioned poor tackling. They can get pressure on the other teams QB, and would be wise to watch the Houston Texans game tape, against the Patriots.

I think the Patriots defense will slow down the Falcons offense, limiting them in the "Red Zone" to mostly Field Goals. 

Both teams will find it important to run the ball, and each offense has it's strengths in the run game.

While this should be an interesting game, I think the Patriots take control and get yet another Super Bowl win.

Coach Belichick once said; The players play the game and they deserve the credit.

The legacy continues;

New England Patriots - 38  Atlanta Falcons 23