The New England Patriots comeback win showed why they are world champs once again.

Falling behind by 25 points, after turning the ball over early, the Patriots players & coaches "did their jobs" and mounted the greatest Super Bowl comeback in history.

The Patriots Legend continues, and with Tom Brady & Bill Belichick at the helm don't look for a drop-off any time soon. The Patriots organization is so  culturally strong it's hard not to expect them back in the Super Bowl next year.

Make no mistake about it, the culture of this team, is all about what sets them apart from the rest. Players are brought in an given a chance, and those who don't fit, are not around long. The Salary Cap is a big issue in the NFL, but Coach Belichick has found cost effective players with the drive, and intelligence to be successful in the Patriots scheme.

The New England Patriots are a Legendary organization, not just a team, but the idea of what a team should be, even as players come and go over the years.

Great coaching , great ownership, and players that are bound together with the single goal of being the best team on the field that day.

The New England Patriots World Champions Super Bowl 51