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Training camp is under way across the country, as NFL teams prepare for the upcoming season with daily practices and pre-season games. The New York Jets suffered through a 5-11 season last year and hope to have a bounce back season. Unfortunately, most NFL experts are predicting another long season for Jets fans. Only time will tell if the New York Jets can surprise everyone across the league with a winning season. Nevertheless, the best places to live in New York are wherever a big screen is located broadcasting New York Jets football. Here are a few questions that the Jets must consider as they enter into the pre-season.


#1 Which QB will emerge as the starter?

As everyone knows, NFL teams that do not have a franchise Quarterback are at a severe disadvantage to the rest of the league. Ryan Fitzpatrick started the majority of games last season, and he struggled throughout the year. The Jet did not resign him because Fitzpatrick only threw 12 touchdowns and 17 interceptions last season. Currently, the Jets have three quarterbacks that are competing against each other to lead the team in the upcoming season. The coaches will have to decide between the trio of Josh McCown, Bryce Petty, or Christian Hackenberg. McCown was a free agent signing, while Petty is entering his third NFL season with the Jets organization. Hackenberg was selected in the 2nd round last year as the team hopes to groom him into a franchise quarterback. The success of the New York Jets season will depend if they can rely on one of these three quarterbacks to lead the team each week. If none of these quarterbacks emerge, the Jets are going to have a long season.


#2 Which rookies will have an immediate impact?

The NFL Draft can dramatically change the outlook of a franchise. Selecting the best players out of college can lay the foundation for future success. The primary concern for the New York Jets in the early rounds of the draft was on the defensive side of the ball. Their first round selection was talented LSU Safety Jamal Adams. Adams should be a day one starter and will be an immediate upgrade for the Jets defense. In the second round, the Jets selected another Saftey, Marcus Maye from the Florida Gators. Both of these picks will give the Jets immediate help in the secondary and should help solidify the pass defense. During the mid rounds of the draft, the Jets selected a pair of wide receivers. ArDarius Stewart from the University of Alabama and Chad Hansen from the University of California hope to boost a Jets offense that is in desperate need of playmakers.


#3 How will the loss of WR Brandon Marshall affect the team?

The loss of WR Brandon Marshall will have a significant effect on the upcoming season. Marshall left during free agency and signed with the rival New York Giants. Marshall suffered through injuries last season but still managed to catch 59 passes and score three touchdowns. The Jets hope their young stable of wide receivers can fill in his absence and produce similar or even better results. Only time will tell if the Jets will be able to replace his production or if they will need to look to further bolster the receiver corps during the season.


#4 How many games will the Jets win?

The Jets hope to take the NFL by surprise and make a triumphant return to the playoffs. Unfortunately, the most likely scenario is that the 2017-2018 season will be a rebuilding year for the Jets organization. The team simply has too many holes to fill and not enough talented players. Each week will be a struggle and the season can quickly turn ugly in just a few weeks. On the bright side, if the Jets struggle, they will very likely be competing against other teams for the number one pick in the NFL draft in the following off-season. With such a high draft pick, they can easily expedite the rebuilding process and once again return to the playoffs. As the NFL season fast approaches, all of these questions will be answered as we look forward to another exciting year in the NFL.