New England’s Super Bowl-record 25-point comeback against the Atlanta Falcons will go down as the greatest championship game in NFL history. 

It wasn’t just a great comeback by Super Bowl standards. It was one of the greatest comeback efforts ever. In fact, it was the fifth greatest comeback in 97 seasons of NFL history.

Only four times previously in all of NFL history, dating back to the league debut in 1920, has a team overcome a greater margin than the Patriots did under the bright lights of the Super Bowl on Sunday.

The previous greatest deficit overcome in a Super Bowl was 10 points, which happened three times, including by the Patriots over the Seahawks two years ago in Super Bowl XLIX. So that record has been completely shattered.

The Patriots also won just the second overtime championship game in NFL history. The Johnny Unitas Colts famously beat the Giants 23-17 in the 1958 NFL title game, the so-called "Best Game Ever.

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Greatest Comebacks in NFL History

1) (32 points down) Buffalo Bills over Houston Oilers, Jan. 3, 1993* – won 41-38 

2) (28 points down) Indianapolis Colts over Kansas City Chiefs, Jan. 4, 2014* – won 45-44

2) (28 points down) San Francisco 49ers over New Orleans Saints, Dec. 7, 1980 – won 38-35

4) (26 points down) Buffalo Bills over Indianapolis Colts, Sept. 21, 1997 – won 37-35

5) (25 points down) New England Patriots over Atlanta Falcons, Feb. 5, 2017** – won 34-28 

5) (25 points down) Cleveland Browns over Tennessee Titans, Oct. 5, 2014 – won 29-28


5) (25 points down) St. Louis Cardinals over Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Nov. 8, 1987 – won 31-28

* postseason game

** Super Bowl