Colin Kaepernick hasn’t found a job yet and Richard Sherman says it’s because of his national anthem protest. In fact Sherman says Kaepernick is being blackballed by the NFL. I presume Mr. Sherman approves of Kaepernick’s protest and the tactic he used on freedom of speech grounds. However, Sherman unwilling to extend “the NFL” the same courtesy. Quite a strange position to maintain especially when he’s using freedom of speech to deride the NFL. Perhaps NFL teams have seen Kaepernick's declining skills and choose not to pay a premium price for that skill set. 

Out in the northeast New England Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, says he spoke with Tom Brady reporting that Brady is ready to play six or seven more years. The way Brady looked this season I’d say not only can he play six or seven more years, he will win another championship or two. Yes he's that good. 

NFL owners passed a rule to prohibit defensive players from jumping over lineman to block a kick. A great rule change that definitely is looking out for player safety. Think about it, the only way for the kicking team to try and block the leaping defender is to coach their players to stand up, hope to get hit, probably in the head, and draw a penalty. This one is a win for players and the NFL.

Finally, the Oakland Raiders are moving -- again -- this time to fabulous Las Vegas. Doesn’t the NFL have strict rules about players and referees going to and staying in Las Vegas? Wasn’t it the NFL who prohibited Tony Romo from attending a fantasy football gathering in Las Vegas? Now they’re planting a team in the middle of a casino. Talk about an about face.