Nearly two months after Tom Brady's Super Bowl LI jersey was stolen, the FBI reportedly found it and is in the process of returning it to the SB MVP.

The jersey was stolen just hours after the game was over and has been somewhat of a leading headline throughout this NFL Off-Season. The search for Brady's jersey was so serious, the Federal Bureau of Investigations got involved after the investigation indicated the jersey was located on foreign soil.

Apparently an international member of the media was somehow involved in the theft. The Houston Police (original location of the incident) valued the jersey at $500,000.

It was recently announced that Brady's Super Bowl MVP jersey from 2015's win over the Seahawks was also stolen and that jersey has also been located. It seems the same "international media member" stole both jerseys and sold them overseas. 

This guy stole Brady's jersey not once...but TWICE (reportedly).

The fact the FBI had to get involved seems like a bit over the top, but there seems to be a BIG trend of Patriots' Super Bowl memorabilia getting jacked from Non-Americans.

Quick memory jog... Russian President, Vladimir Putin, stole a Super Bowl ring from Patriots owner Robert Kraft.