Tom Brady in his first three games this year has completed 75.2 percent of his passes (76 of 101), which puts him on pace to shatter the all-time NFL record for accuracy of 71.2 percent set by Drew Brees in 2011 (468 of 657). 

New England this year has surrendered 15.3 points per game, which puts the 2016 Patriots on pace to be the third best defense in franchise history behind the 2006 Patriots (14.8 PPG) and 2003 Patriots (14.9 PPG).

Rob Gronkowski is the greatest TD catching machine the NFL has produced in more than 70 years. He has caught 67 touchdown passes in 85 career games, an average of 0.79 TDs per game – easily the greatest mark of any pass catcher since World War II. Randy Moss is No. 2 on the list, with an average of 0.72 TD catches per game. No other tight end is even in the conversation.

Hall of Fame wide receiver Don Hutston averaged 0.85 TD catches per game. He last played in 1945 and is the only player ahead of Gronk on the list.

Tony Gonzalez holds the all-time tight end record of 111 TD receptions, a feat accomplished over 270 games. Gronk is on pace to surpass that tight end record touchdown total in just 142 career games.

The two highest-rated quarterbacks in the NFL season are Patriots starter Tom Brady (132.6) and Patriots back-up Jimmy Garoppolo (117.1). Atlanta QB (and former Boston College star) Matt Ryan is third (113.6). 

The Patriots currently enjoy the NFL’s best record (6-1), along with a two-game lead in the AFC East division. The Patriots are poised to post the best record in the division for the 16th consecutive season – every year since Brady became quarterback – a feat no other franchise has come close to matching.

The Patriots tied for the best record in the AFC East (9-7) in 2002, but lost the division crown to the Jets in a three-way tiebreaker. It’s the only one of the past 15 seasons that the Brady-led Patriots failed to reach the playoffs. 

Brady has now won 197 games as an NFL starter (including postseason), third most of all time. With four more victories, he’ll be the first QB in history to win more than 200 games. Peyton Manning holds the current record, with 200 victories, followed by Brett Favre (199).

Brady's win loss differential of +137 (197-60) is easily the greatest in history and nobody is close. Peyton Manning is No. 2 (+108) and Joe Montana is a distant No. 3 (+79).