We announced last week Patriots QB Tom Brady is going to be on the cover of Madden '18. We even included a fun video Brady posted of himself breaking mirrors and walking under ladders in an attempt to prove he doesn't believe in curses, especially the infamous Madden Curse. 

But then our partners at FanCred Sports posted an article/video of Brady walking around in a bubble (video shown below) and now we are beginning to question the authenticity of Brady's lack of fear of the Madden Curse. 

Does, what many consider the greatest Quarterback of all time, have no concerns about the Madden Curse or does he have such a HUGE fear of it, he's pulling some reverse psychology. Trying to psych out the Madden Curse before it tries to psych him out. 

He's certainly pushing all the right buttons and if the curse was real, it seems to be gearing up for one of the biggest voodoo, black magic punishments of all time. 

Here's Brady's latest video

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