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Washington wide receiver, John Ross, set a new 40 yard dash record at the NFL Combine. Ross ran a 4.22 but won't get an island from Adidas.

The wide receiver needy Baltimore Ravens may have just had a gift fall in their lap with the New York Jets cutting wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

Chris Johnson ran the fastest 40 yard dash in NFL Combine History, if anyone breaks that record in 2017, Adidas will buy them a private island.

The Pittsburgh Steelers signed Antonio Brown to a long-term contract, making him the highest paid wide receiver in the NFL.

The Pittsburgh Steelers assigned the exclusive franchise tag to Le'Veon Bell. The 25 year old RB is widely considered the best Free Agent in 2017.

NFL Players including Melvin Gordon, Demaryius Thomas, and Ryan Shazier told each other a bunch of BAD jokes to see who would laugh first.

James White set three records in Super Bowl LI but didn't win Super Bowl MVP. That didn't stop Ford Trucks from giving the patriots RB a truck anyway.

The New England Patriots were down 21-3 heading into the 2nd Half but Tom Brady and crew got hot, forced overtime, and won their 5th Lombardi Trophy.

For the last five years, the NFL's elite have gathered at the NFL Honors the night before the Super Bowl to celebrate the season's top players.

With $13 Billion in revenue, it's no secret the NFL is a money making machine and the Super Bowl is the league's most profitable event.

Marshawn Lynch paid a visit to Houston ... Houston, Scotland that is to talk about the Super Bowl (and give away Skittles) to locals.

We already knew that OBJ has got some moves but Blue, the Colts mascot, can break it down on the dance floor too!

The Pats wide out got creative by turning the opening to the classic TV show 'The Wonder Years' into a Patriots motivational video.

San Francisco is bringing in the former Buccaneer and Bronco as their newest GM, and Lynch's first chance at a front office job.

The former Saints WR coach will be running the offense in New York in 2017.

During Pro Bowl practice the Ravens kicker hit a field goal from 75 yards away!

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