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Nate Winkler
FN Contributor

Born in Kansas, raised  and curently residingin Florida, with stops in California, North Carolina, & Massachusetts in between. I was raised in a football family, with vivid memories of watching Super Bowl XX at age 5 and a "Rainman-like" memory of every one since. My father was always a coach, his father taught me how to watch and love the game, and my other grandfather taught me how to pick the winners. I also played contact football for 10 seasons, including Pop Warner, High School, & the Marine Corps. Five of those teams won conference championships or better, and only once did I experience a losing season; playing games at every position except for O-Line & Defensive Tackle. My lack of size and talent coupled with one too many earhole hits led me to a six year tour in the Marine Corps instead of post-scholastic football glory. 


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In the first article of a new CHFF series, Nate Winkler takes a look at the greatest individual rivalry in the history of the NFL: Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning. We intend to enjoy every second of the rivalry while we can.

The contenders for Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans are set. Here are 5 headlines you'll grow weary of leading up to the big game.

The Baltimore Ravens come to town with an upset on their mind as they take on the AFC's top seeded Denver Broncos.

Nate Winkler takes a look at the crucial plays from this weekend's first-round action that trimmed the Super Bowl contenders from twelve to eight.

Santa Claus is coming to town and he's got a sack full of great statistical storylines in the AFC West: Jamaal Charles is officially the most explosive RB in NFL history; Peyton Manning is your 2012 MVP. And, heck, even the Chargers won big.

Denver controlled the game but settled for four field goals on its way to a 26-13 victory in Oakland Thursday night. Peyton Manning did not have his "MVP moment" but nor did he need one: the Broncos may be the most complete team in football.

Denver travels to Oakland for this week's Thursday night matchup while Kansas City and San Diego travel to the Rust Belt.

Terrell Davis, Jerome Bettis, and Roger Craig are 2013 Hall of Fame semi-finalists. Which back, if any, had a career that warrants enshrinement?

Bob Costas took his weekly fireside chat to let us know how he and Jason Whitlock feel about gun control in light of Jovan Belcher incident.

Broncos clinch division with seventh straight win while Chiefs overcome tragedy to get first home win. Chargers and Raiders fall to 0-4 vs. Ohio.

Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher reportedly killed his girlfriend Saturday morning then drove to Arrowhead Stadium and killed himself after talking to Romeo Crennel and Scott Pioli. Details unfolding.

All four teams in the AFC Worst host games this week with the top of the draft order likely to be impacted more than the playoff picture.

Denver extends its lead to three games in the division with a victory over San Diego while the poor get poorer as Oakland and Kansas City fall again.

The Broncos looks to drive a nail into Chargers' coffin in Denver while the Bengals visit lowly Chiefs and the Raiders play host to the Saints.

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