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kennedy ross
FN Contributor

As a writer with OCD and a strong belief in UFO's, football just comes naturally to me. If my team wins the Superbowl before I'm abducted by aliens, I will be happy to go. I assume they will have the 'NFL Ticket' on their planet.


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The Ravens had the best defense, the best coach, and the best quarterback on the field tonight. That is why they are heading to the Super Bowl.

Only one thing is better than beating a team that beat you the last time you met. And that's beating that team to go to the Super Bowl.

The Patriots avenged the trend of recent playoff history by winning a rematch game and in the process reached their seventh AFC Title game in the Brady/Belichick era.

The Patriots are going into this match up against the Houston Texans with great confidence, even though they will never admit it.

The New England Patriots Finish the 2012 season on a high note. They wipe out the Dolphins 28-0 at home, and clinch a bye week with the second seed.

With a newly diagnosed concussion, Greg McElroy sits and allows Sanchez one more shot at redemption while the Patriots end the season with the freshly bounced Dolphins.

Tom Brady led a comeback win over the Jaguars while the Miami Dolphins, fueled by what were very slim (now non-existent) playoff hopes, gave the Bills and Jets a lesson in fighting to the end. Meanwhile, Ebenezer Ryan ruined Tiny Tim Tebow's Christmas.

The Jets hand over the keys to Greg McElroy against the Chargers. Across the division, the Patriots get Sunday off against Jacksonville while Miami clings to life as they host Buffalo.

In one the most pathetic displays of a woeful Jets season, Mark Sanchez threw four interceptions and lost a fumble to end New York's playoff hopes 14-10.

Tom Brady couldn't complete the comeback vs the 49ers while the Bills get destroyed across the border. And Miami won the battle of Florida with a win over hapless Jacksonville.

The Patriots go up against one of the NFC's best, the 49ers while the Jets move towards the playoffs against the Titans.

It was never close. The defense actually out shined the offense as the Patriots demolish the Texans in a rout from start to finish.

In another ugly game, the Jets maintain their wildcard hopes. Bills lose at home to the Rams. Dolphins fall to the 49ers.

In another ugly game, the Jets maintain their wildcard hopes. Bills lose at home to the Rams. Dolphins fall to the 49ers.

AFC powerhouses battle for home field throughout the playoffs while the unreasonably reinstated Sanchez leads the Jets against Jaguars.

In an act of desperation, Rex Ryan benched Mark Sanchez and watched Greg McElroy beat the Cardinals. The Patriots struggled in Miami but did enough to capture another AFC East Title.

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