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Tom Pollin
FN All-Pro

Lifetime football fan in the heart of Black & Blue Division country. I enjoy the history of the NFL from when a game write-up on Monday was two paragraphs long to today, when Sunday's are events with multiple writers for newspapers and web sites covering each game. I welcome fans and comments. Contact me directly at or Twitter @tjpollin. Links to all my Football Nation articles, plus additional writing, is at Also visit and "Like" my Facebook page at Bronko Nagurski Lives!


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It's unlikely either of these teams will play meaningful football in January but it's certain the loser won't.

It took the Lions 24 years but they finally broke serve at Lambeau Field. Now it's three weeks later and a national audience gets to see if they can pull off the sweep.

Heading into Week 12 two-thirds of NFL teams still believe they still have a chance to position themselves for a December playoff run. Reality will set in for some this weekend.

A Thursday Night Football game that only the fans of the two teams can enjoy? Not if you like to scout the league's young quarterbacks.

Week 9 brings us four teams that are still undefeated. Cincinnati passed their test on Thursday Night Football. The other three take the field Sunday.

Week 9 kicks off with the return of Johnny Football to the starting role for the Browns against one of the NFL’s 2015 season powerhouses.

There's potentially some excellent, competitive football games on the Week 8 schedule. Here is the complete rundown with predictions for how the games should shape up.

New England looks to continue their 2015 dominance against the AFC while Miami is seeking to prove that they're ready to jump back into the playoff hunt.

Nostrathomas nailed the Week 7 Thursday Night Football prediction. The rest of this week's schedule shapes up to be favorites dominated, at least it will if the Seer of Sayers read the signs clearly.

Earlier this decade, battles between Seattle and San Francisco were fought with the supremecy of the NFC West at stake. This week the winner keeps faint playoff hopes alive, the loser crashes to the bottom of the division.

The Seer of Sayers is dominating the prediction landscape through five weeks of 2015. It's time to move forward and reveal what will be in Week 6!

The Seer of Sayers enjoyed a winning Week 5 and prepares everyone with his analysis of the Week 6 kickoff between two bitter NFC South rivals.

The seer of Sayers is ready to continue his success straight-up and re-establish his mastery against the spread.

Nostrathomas struggled through the early games in Week 3 but nailed the late contests to enjoy a third straight winning week of NFL predictions.

The Seer of Sayers battled last week but was able to scrape by with head held high. Now it's on to the challenges of Week 3.

The Seer of Sayers follows up his 13-3 S/U and ATS Week 1 domination with all you need to know about this week's schedule of games.

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