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Cold Hard Football Facts ®

New England's 34-28 victory over the Falcons on the game's biggest stage was the 5th greatest comeback in 97 years of NFL football.

Winning in the NFL is a matter of brains over brawn, as the Cold, Hard Football Facts Intelligence Index proved yet again in 2016.

The Falcons dominated the NFC because they dominated the battle of Passer Rating Differential, much like the Patriots did in the AFC.

Little "game manager" Tom Brady will basically set a new NFL postseason record every time he touches the ball Sunday in the AFC title game.

Tom Brady is the greatest winner in the history of football, and the race isn't even close.

The 7-2 Patriots and 7-2 Chiefs ranks 1-2 in the Cold, Hard Football Facts Intelligence Index entering Week 11 of the 2016 season.

A treasure trove of New England Patriots stats following their 27-16 win at Pittsburgh on Sunday.

The Patriots are 3-1 and atop the AFC East. And how here comes Tom Brady, the Best Who Ever Lived. A statistical tsunami is about to hit the NFL.

The Virginia Tech-Tennessee Battle at Bristol kicked off Saturday night with an epic national anthem featuring smoke show Jennifer Nettles.

The Denver Broncos are mishandling their negotiations with Super Bowl MVP Von Miller, says longtime NFL insider Jack Mula.

Wide receiver is the most overvalued position in football as the stumbling Falcons have discovered since drafting Julio Jones in 2011.

Court documents accuse Peyton Manning of an ugly smear campaign against an alleged victim of his sexual assault in college.

Carolina Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis posted a picture to Instagram of his nasty, stitched up arm. It's pretty ugly!

The most explosive offenses in NFL history have a long history of coming up lame when it matters most, including the 2015 Panthers.

Super Bowl 50 features the biggest statistical mismatch of the 2015 season: the league's lowest rated QB vs. its top-rated pass defense.

Before you make your pick on Super Bowl 50, check out the quality stats from we discuss in our SB Preview.

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