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Is it wrong to be more interested in the NFL draft than the NBA playoffs? I feel somehow that that sentiment is oh so wrong. And yet I continue.

With the first round completed, let's take a look at the 32 newest members of the league and the impact they can make with their new teams

So the first round of the 2017 NFL draft is done. There were of course clear winners and obvious losers.

The 2017 NFL Draft saw three QBs get drafted in the Top 12 of the 1st Round with Mitch Trubisky, Patrick Mahomes, and DeShaun Watson off the board.

Football Nation's resident NFL Draft guru predicts the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft.

Speculation has been running rampant; will the 49ers draft a quarterback with the second overall pick? Find out why they won't.

The 2017 NFL Draft is here and will be LIVE for the 1st Round with the complete impact on the upcoming Fantasy Football Season.

Elisha Twerski's one and only mock draft for 2017.

A look at who the Dallas Cowboys should pick in every round of the 2017 NFL Draft.

A year after retiring from the NFL, Marshawn Lynch has decided to return to the gridiron but this time, he'll be wearing SILVER and BLACK.

The Chicago Bears need to have a solid NFL Draft once again in 2017 if they want to improve the roster and work their way to the Playoffs in 2018.

Time to list my Final thoughts on the Patriots draft choices for the 2017 Draft.

Adrian Peterson signed a two year, $7 million contract with the New Orleans Saints.

I know this article will not be very popular among the fans who are rooting for the Giants to draft Christian McCaffrey, but I have my reasons.

There has been a lot of speculation regarding the Cleveland Browns' use of the first overall pick. This is what they should do.

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