The Politics of Pigskin
1. Who's the most surprising team halfway through the 2008 season?

  The 4-4 Dolphins
  The 8-0 Titans
  The 7-1 Giants
  The (shh ... very quiet) 6-2 Panthers
  The 5-3 Cardinals
2. The Raiders averaged a stunningly awful 0.4 yards per PASS attempt in their 24-0 loss to Atlanta Sunday. What's the solution?

  JaMarcus Russell declared a bust and dumped
  Al Davis dies
  Team fires coach Lane Kiffin ... oops, been there-done that
  Run the ball every play and hope nobody picks up on the trend
3. Who's your coach of the year at the halfway pole?

  Bill Belichick  Tony Sparano 
  Jim Zorn  Jeff Fisher 
  Ken Whisenhunt  Tom Coughlin 
4. Speaking of poles, how many times do you visit nudie bars in a given year (on average, hypothetically speaking, of course).

  Once in a blue moon
  Every morning for legs and eggs
  Poles? I thought this was a question about kielbasa
5. What's the No. 1 issue in the 2008 election?

  Economy  Abortion 
  Growing military threat from China  Illegal immigration 
  Iraq  Finally stomping out those pesky French 
6. I watch college football ...

  Just to see the hotties cheering on the sidelines and in the stands
7. Who's the best QB in history?

  Bart Starr
  Bart Starr
  Bart Starr
  Well, I'm a moron ... so I vote somebody else
8. If I had a dime for every (blank), I'd be rich

  Beer I drank
  Football game I watched
  Time I rubbed one out thinking about an old high school girlfriend
  Time I woke up in a cold sweat screaming about New England's loss to the Giants in SB 42
9. CHFF needs more ...

  Pork in its diet
  Interactive content
  Coke whores
10. Who's your choice for president?

  The war hero with the proven track record of crossing party lines and seeking consensus
  The guy with no experience, a shady background and the most radical voting record in the Senate
  Somebody else
We take the temperature of the Troll Nation with our first-ever Politics of Pigskin 1st & 10 poll. Do your civic duty, and take the survey.
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