1st and 10: Almost draft time edition?
1. How would you characterize your level of interest in the NFL Draft?

  If it was a person I'd stalk it
  Highly interested, but not intense
  I'll pay attention when my team is picking, but that's about it
  I won't watch, but I'll certainly read the wrapups
  Wake me when it's September
2. Where does Brett Favre rank among the all-time QBs?

  No. 1
  Top 5
  Top 10
  Top 20 somewhere
  Hall of Overrated
3. Which team is having the best overall free-agent period?

4. Who should the Dolphins pick at No. 1?

  QB Matt Ryan   RB Darren McFadden  
  DE Chris Long   DT Glenn Dorsey  
  T Jake Long   They should trade down  
5. Sean Salisbury is gone from ESPN as a football guru. Thoughts?

  I liked him, he'll be missed
  He was OK, but nothing to get all Farve-y about
  Thank you sweet Lord for this gift you gave me
6. Who will win the NFC West this year?

  St. Louis
  San Francisco
7. For college fans: any draft-eligible players you think will surprise people in the pros?

8. Which AFC East team is most likely to give New England a bit of a push this year?

  They'll all be under .500
9. By all accounts, DeAngelo Hall to the Raiders is going to happen, with the Falcons getting a second- and sixth-round pick. Who's getting the better of the deal?

The Raiders -- their secondary will be great, and they get a top-10 talent for two non-first round picks
The Falcons, who will have three second-rounders with the move and wanted to dump Hall anyway
Both get good deals
It sucks for both
If the Falcons and Raiders make a deal in the woods and nobody gives a s---, did it really happen?
10. Who's going to win (a) the World Series and (b) the NCAA tournament. Bonus if its the same team.