1. Which of these coaches most deserves to be fired at the end of the season?

  Marvin Lewis, Cincinnati  Scott Linehan, St. Louis 
  Rod Marinelli, Detroit  Andy Reid, Philadelphia 
  Brian Billick, Baltimore  Mike Nolan, San Francisco 
  Cam Cameron, Miami    
2. Who is the No. 2 team in the NFL?

  Green Bay
3. Who is most responsible for New England's success this year?

  Bill Belichick
  Tom Brady
  Randy Moss
4. The Jacksonville Jaguars ...

  ... are decent, but will lose in the first round of the playoffs
  ... could win their opener, but can't hang with NE or Indy
  ... will be in the AFC title game
  ... have a legitimate shot to win the Super Bowl
  ... suck
5. Which of these Week 15 results was most surprising to you?

  49ers 20, Bengals 13
  Panthers 13, Seahawks 10
  Dolphins 22, Ravens16
  Jaguars 29, Steelers 22
6. Brett Favre passed Dan Marino on the all-time yardage list Sunday. Who was/is better?

7. You have the No. 5 pick in the "Pick the Team That Wins the Super Bowl" contest. New England, Dallas, Green Bay and Indianapolis are off the board. Who do you pick to win it all?

  Cleveland  San Diego 
  Seattle  New York Giants 
  Minnesota  Tampa Bay 
  Jacksonville  Pittsburgh 
8. The Jets-Patriots game was totally absent of animosity between the teams or the coaching staffs. Is the "Cameragate" controversry finally dead?

  No, it's a serious black mark that will always follow them around
  No, but only because the media won't let it go
9. Who's the most underappreciated QB in football?

  Matt Hasselbeck, SEA  Chad Pennington, NYJ 
  Ben Roethlisberger, PIT  David Garrard, JAC 
  Donovan McNabb, PHI  other 
  Jeff Garcia, TB    
10. What's the best football-related holiday gift you've ever gotten?