1. Who was the outstanding offensive player of Wild-Card weekend?

  Philip Rivers, SD   Hines Ward, PIT  
  Eli Manning, NYG   Maurice Jones-Drew, JAX  
  Chris Chambers, SD   D.J. Hackett, SEA  
2. Who was the outstanding defensive player of Wild Card Weekend?

  Albert Haynesworth, TEN   Marcus Trufant, SEA  
  Kyle Vandenbosch, TEN   Leroy Hill, SEA  
  Shawne Merriman, SD   Rashean Mathis, JAC  
  Michael Strahan, NYG   Patrick Kerney, SEA  
3. Which winning head coach impressed you most?

  Norv Turner, SD
  Mike Holmgren, SEA
  Tom Coughlin, NYG
  Jack Del Rio, JAX
4. Which losing head coach did the worst job?

  Mike Tomlin, PIT
  Jeff Fisher, TEN
  Jon Gruden, TB
  Joe Gibbs, WAS
5. What's the most intriguing divisional round matchup?

  Giants-Cowboys (two great rivals, first playoff meeting)
  Seahawks-Packers (Holmgren homecoming vs. Favre)
  Jaguars-Patriots (the quest to knock off New England)
  Chargers-Colts (high-flying rematch)
6. Of the four teams that advanced on Wild Card Weekend, which looked most like a championship-caliber team?

  San Diego
  New York Giants
7. Which announcing tandem did the best job?

  Collinsworth-Hammond (Seahawks-Redskins)
  Madden-Michaels (Steelers-Jags)
  Aikman-Buck (Giants-Bucs)
  Simms-Nantz (Chargers-Titans)
8. How would you rate the food you gorged on while watching playoff football?

  Four forks
  Three forks
  Two forks
  One fork
  Fork this!
9. Will any of the wild-card winners be in the Super Bowl?

10. Will you watch the NCAA title game?

  I'll follow it off and on
  If I remember
  Hell no
  I thought this was a porn site