1st and 10 poll: Holy Crap What a Game edition!
1. Was Super Bowl XLII the best Super Bowl ever?

2. What was the biggest factor in the upset?

  Patriots inability to handle pass rush   'The catch'  
  Giants' superior speed   No big plays for Patriots  
  Coaching blunders by Belichick   Destiny/luck  
3. How will the 2008 Giants fare?

  They'll build off their success and be back in the Super Bowl
  They'll be in the playoff mix, but lightning won't strike twice
  Eli will revert to his old twitchy self, Giants will be mediocre
  Eli will be OK, but the Super Bowl hangover and bullseye will hold them back
  Oh God, who cares, I just want to close my eyes and wake up on Super Bowl morning and realize it was all a bad dream
4. Should the Patriots sign Randy Moss to a multiyear deal after his playoff struggles?

  Of course they should -- there's no 18-0 without him
  Yes, but it's not the sure thing it was in November
  No, he was great, but they need money for the defense
  No, he showed his true colors in the postseason
5. Will you watch the Pro Bowl?

  Hell no!
  S--- no!
  F--- no!
6. Who will be remembered as the face of this Giant team in 25 years?

Eli Manning
Plaxico Burress
Michael Strahan
Tom Coughlin
7. Come next August, will the Patriots be the favorite to win it all in 2008?

8. What was your take on the Hall of Fame inductees?

Cris Carter got the shaft   Fred Dean? WTF?  
Derrick Thomas got the shaft   Too many fringe guys got in  
Good to see some defenders in there   Hall of Fame's not my thing  
Good for Art Monk   Oh sweet lord, can you please tell me the Super Bowl was just an acid flashback?  
Good for Andre Tippett        
9. Is Michael Strahan a Hall of Famer?

Hall of Fame yapper, Hall of Very Good player
10. Tell the Cold, Hard Football Facts that you love them and you'll be checking in all offseason for their fun and insightful take on the glorious thing we call the National Football League.

You guys rule! I will be on the site daily during the offseason.   I am parked outside your house. Why don't you return my calls? CHFF, I wish I knew how to quit you!  
Thanks, CHFF! I pledge to visit twice a week minimum.   I thought this site was about cryogenics!  
If it weren't for you I'd still be calling touchdowns "goals." Count me in!   I want a refund!  
Aw, CHFF, you're the bee's nuts! I love you a lot. But I've got better things to do than to read about offseason fluff like "The 10 Greatest Guys Named Merv in NFL History"   (unintelligible kissing noises)  
Yeah, you guys are OK, but I'd rather watch porn. In fact, why am I wasting my time right now?   :)