1. Which of the projected wild-card teams is most likely to reach the conference championship game?

  New York Giants
2. Who is the second-best team in the NFL?

  Green Bay
3. Which team has been the biggest disappointment in 2007?

  Chicago  NY Jets 
  New Orleans  Cincinnati 
  Baltimore  Philadelphia 
  San Diego    
4. Will the New England Patriots go full out for victory against the Giants if they enter Week 17 with a 15-0 record?

  They will play to win, but won't be leaving Brady in late if it's 20+ points.
  They'll play to stay healthy.
  They're going to lose to the Jets or Dolphins.
  Who? I thought this was a soccer website.
5. Which NFL franchise will be the worst in the league over the next five years?

  Miami  San Francisco 
  Oakland  Carolina 
  Kansas City  Detroit 
  Arizona  Buffalo 
  New York Jets  Baltimore 
6. Which 9-4 team is the best?

7. Tom Brady has thrown 45 touchdown passes, 19 to Randy Moss. How many would he have thrown if Moss had gone to another team this past spring?

  he'd have been benched in Week 8 for Matt Cassel
8. Who's been the biggest surprise of the second half of the season?

  Ryan Grant's success with Green Bay running game  Vince Young's struggles 
  Minnesota's emergence as playoff threat  Miami still doesn't have a win 
  Buffalo's survival  New England still doesn't have a loss 
  Detroit's collapse    
9. Which of the 3-4 win teams has the brightest future?

  Atlanta  San Francisco 
  Jets  Kansas City 
  St. Louis  Oakland 
10. High school football, your thoughts: