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Answers, ho! 
1st and 10 poll: Week 3 edition
1. Will the Bears make the playoffs?

2. Who is the worst team in football?

  Miami  Buffalo 
  New Orleans  St. Louis 
  Atlanta  Other 
3. Assuming LaDainian Tomlinson is the early disappointment of the 2007 season, which other player's terrible start has surprised you the most?

  Maurice Jones-Drew (3.0 avg, no TDs)
  Larry Johnson (2.8 avg., no TDs)
  Drew Brees (57.1 passer rate)
  Marc Bulger (69.8 passer rate)
  Julius Peppers (5 tackles, no sacks)
4. Who is going to win the AFC West?

  San Diego
  Kansas City
5. Who should start for Arizona at quarterback?

  Matt Leinart
  Kurt Warner
6. Will anyone outside the NFL's undefeated quintet of Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Indy, NE and Dallas win the Super Bowl?

7. Which of these 1-2 teams has played best in 2007?

  Arizona  NY Giants 
  Chicago  NY Jets 
  Cincinnati  Oakland 
  Cleveland  Philadelphia 
  Kansas City  San Diego 
8. Which of these 2-1 teams has looked worst?

  Baltimore  San Francisco 
  Carolina  Tampa Bay 
  Denver  Seattle 
  Detroit  Washington 
  Houston  Tennessee 
9. Get something off your chest about the season thus far ...

10. Finally, how much interest do you have in the upcoming MLB playoffs?

  I'll watch, but not if football's on
  I'll follow it, but from afar
  Don't really care
  Baseball is for pussies