By Kennedy Ross
Cold, Hard Football Facts AFC East Overlord (@FNscribeNY)

Woe is "knee". That is what every Jets fan has been murmuring to themselves since the bombshell news came out. "Revis Island" is officially closed for reconstruction, for the rest of the year. A Jets team already on the brink of disaster, has now been pushed over the edge.

If Revis' presence was worth at least one win to the Jets this season, they are about to lose that win when they face the 49ers. That one game lead the Jets have in the division will be as short lived as a Tim Tebow series.

Here are five things you should be aware of:

1. The Jets need those replacement refs. (Jets vs. 49ers)

Lets just state this for the record. The Jets are not making the playoffs without Revis.

Now that we got that out of the way, lets get to the game on Sunday. The only way the New York Jets are going to beat the San Francisco 49ers is if the replacement refs call at least three fake touchdown catches in their favor.

Despite Jets coach Rex Ryan's assertions (prayers), Antonio Cromartie is NOT a number one cornerback. As ESPN analyst Merrill Hodge kindly put it Cromartie's fundamentals are terribly flawed. This is why he gets burnt on every little move a receiver puts on him. 

On top of that they have to deal with a 49er team led by head coach Jim Harbaugh who is 4-0 coming off of a loss, according to our Quality Stats. And could 49ers quarterback Alex Smith have picked a better time to start playing like a starter. The Revis-less Jets will have to deal with a 49er Offensive Passer Rating of number six and a Real Quarterback Rating of 11.

Do-able before this past Sunday, yes. Now . . . not so much. Jets fans won't be the only ones murmuring "woe is knee" after this game.

2. Patriots to drop another against the Bills. (Patriots vs. Bills)

Who would have thunk it? The Bills 2-1? The Patriots 1-2? Or what about Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick one slot above Tom Brady in our Real Quarterback Ratings stat. Freaky aint it?

The Patriots have not been winning and the numbers support a very un-Patriot level of play. Their Offensive Hog Index is at a mid-range number 14. Similarly, their Real Passing Yards Per Attempt is at number 13. 

They need to raise their level of play if they intend to go into Buffalo and defeat the surging Bills. Since the week one dismantling by the Jets, the Bills have been on a mission. That mission has been led by running back C.J. Spiller, who is out for this game. But Tashard Choice took over and didn't skip a beat. 

Speaking of raising their level of play. Defensive end and (thus far) boobie prize free agent acquisition Mario Williams decided to join the team last week. Williams recorded four tackles and 1.5 sacks. If he is getting into the groove with the rest of the team, that's not good news for Tom Brady. 

A power shift is imminent. Sunday in Buffalo is as good a time as any.

3. Dolphins are about to get the "Bird Flu". (Dolphins vs. Cardinals)

If we had $6,000,000 every time we heard the Arizona Cardinals were number one in our Quality Standings, we wouldn't have $6,000,000. But today we're rich, because that is exactly where the Cardinals are.

Easily the surprise team of the year, the Cardinals are a perfect 3-0. They seem to be doing it mostly on defense with top five rankings in our Defensive Real Passing Yards Per Attempt, Defensive Real Quarterback Rating, and Defensive Passer Rating

The Dolphins running game would have been a good match up with them coming in at number three on our Offensive Hog Index. However, with running back Reggie Bush not looking good for the game, that strength will take a hit. Perhaps four or seven hits when dealing with the Cardinals.

Dolphins rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill will surely have more to deal with in terms of pressure than he did against the Jets last week. The Cardinals come in averaging four sacks per game. Those are rookie rattling numbers. The Dolphins sink in the standings after this Sunday.

4. The bright side of Revis' injury.

They say there is a silver lining in every cloud. Well the green lining in this cloud belongs to Rex Ryan. It may not have hit him yet, but Revis may have just saved his job.

It is clear to everyone who is impolite enough to say it. The Jets are an accident waiting to happen. The offense is as bad as we guessed it would be. The defense is worse than we guessed it would be. And the Tebow-wildcat miracle should never be resurrected again this season. 

Add a healthy Revis to this mix and you are headed for 9-7 at best. No playoffs. No excuses. Just failure and firings. Add an out of commission Revis to this soup and you get excuses. You get "what if's". You get "we could have or we were going to, but . . . ".

Most importantly you get a damn good reason to hand out another chance. If Jets owner Woody Johnson was foolish enough to believe Tebow was going to be a good addition to the team, he will be foolish enough to believe the Jets could have been a serious contender this year, but . . .

5. You should sleep well knowing . . . 

. . . Tom Brady played through a nose injury. Now he is going to play through a shoulder injury. The good news for Brady is that his Christmas shopping will be lighter this year after he snubs his offensive line.

 . . . Reggie Bush basically told the Jets yesterday "see, that's what you get", referring to the season ending knee injury of Darrelle Revis. Bush didn't like the Jets seemingly "relishing" in his injury last week. So does Karma make a return trip to Bush for his un-karmatic commentary?

 . . . Jets running back Joe McKnight is now Jets cornerback Joe McKnight. In what can only be described as a desperation move, Jets head coach Rex Ryan moved McKnight to defensive back to help put a band aid on the hole left by Revis. If the Jets lose this weekend Ryan may get even more desperate and move linebacker Bart Scott to power forward.