by Kennedy Ross

Cold, Hard Football Facts AFC East Overlord (@FNscribeNY)

You have to hand it to them. No losing team can stir up this much backpage material like the New York Jets can. And the gift that keeps on giving starts a brand new quarterback in week 16. The Patriots may not even put on pads as they pad their stats against the wretched Jaguars. The Bills only Christmas gift to their fans is to play spoiler to the Dolphins. 

Here are five things you should be aware of in week 16:

1. It actually can get worse. (Jets vs Chargers)

Wow! Many fans and media members alike were primed for the Jets season to spiral out of control. But this is worse than anything Stephen King could have come up with. The New York Jets are primed to lose (or give away) their first and second string quarterbacks after this nightmare season is over.

Between the bad play, unfulfilled promises, turnovers and one memorable butt collision, this is a meltdown of historic proportions. And they still have two more games to get even worse.

This Sunday the Jets will try to find an even more embarrassing way to lose to the San Diego Chargers. Amazingly, the Chargers record is actually worse than the Jets. But they don't lose with nearly the style and flair of the Jets.

Both teams have major deficiencies in their running game. The Chargers leading rusher Ryan Mathews has rushed for only 707 yards and has a single rushing touchdown. Even Shonn Greene has done better than that (951YD's - 6TD's).

You don't really need stats to tell you that the Chargers are more stable, productive, and sane in the passing game. That is of course until Super Greg (McElroy) came onto the scene. Super Greg can leap religious second string quarterbacks in a single bound. 

Mark Sanchez certainly hopes Super Greg can stop speeding bullets.

Rex Ryan just hopes he can actually play quarterback, unlike the other two guys he has put on the field. McElroy already has a quarterback rating of 118.5. Amazing what you can accomplish with five completions, 29 yards and a touchdown.

It was enough to beat out Sanchez and Tebow. 

2. If you must, you must. (Patriots vs. Jaguars)

Don't be surprised if you see Tom Brady break the huddle in footie pajamas and a stocking cap. He can beat the Jaguars in his sleep. And if he tried, that would make this game interesting. 

The New England Patriots are No.1 in Scoreability, Offensive Hog Index, and Relativity Index. The Jaguars on the other hand aren't in the top ten in a single statistical category. In fact, they are in the bottom ten of just about all of them.

Simply put, this is going to be a blood bath.

The only thing that can sway the outcome of this game is if Tim Tebow starts to contact his future teammates spiritually and fill them with his inspirational powers to defeat New England. 

Seriously, what else does he have to do this Sunday?

Despite their loss last weekend, Tom Brady and the Patriots offense showed the blinding firepower that they possess on a weekly basis. They still have the top running game in the league, and one of the top three quarterbacks in the league. 

Add to that the sting that must be lingering from coming so close to one of the greatest comebacks in Patriots history, and you just have to weep for the Jaguars. 

3. Buffalo's have pride too. (Bills vs Dolphins)

When you get blown out of the building as the Bills did last week against the Seahawks, you have two choices. You can either pretend you had a stroke and talk out of one side of our mouth until the season is over, or you can man (Buffalo) up and play ball. 

Despite their record (5-9), they Buffalo Bills have a more talented team than the Miami Dolphins. 

They have two starting caliber running backs in C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson. They have speedster wide receiver Stevie Johnson. And yes, they have sometimes there, sometimes not quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. 

They have the guns to drag Miami down into the cesspool with them and the sludge kings, the Jets. Their stars only show up every now and then, but the same can be said for the Dolphins.

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill has an excuse, he's a rookie. He has shown toughness over the course of his first year in the league. But it hasn't been enough to get his team over several humps this year. 

Reggie Bush has taken a step back in his career. Bush looked to be taking big strides in becoming the every down back he always claimed he could be. 

Last year was the first time he broke 1,000 yards rushing (1,086). He can do it again this year, but just barely as he is only at 895 yards with two games to go. 

Both of these teams have a lot of homework to do over the summer. It's just a matter of whether the Bills can make the Dolphins start sooner than they would like.


The Jets, as expected, have finally blown up. They are now ready to trade Mark Sanchez. They are most likely going to dump Tim Tebow. And that could just be the beginning.

Most likely the shrapnel from this explosion will start to hit it's victims after the season is over. Certainly Tebow has a lot to say on how he was treated, mislead, and insulted during his tenure as a Jet. A revealing, in depth interview could be around the corner with Mark Sanchez on Telemundo's Acceso Total.

One thing that is clear is that the reputations and images of all involved have taken a hit. Some more severe than others. The other indisputable fact in all of this is that when the Jets want headlines, they get headlines.

5. You can sleep well knowing . . .

 . . . Getting dissed by your job and then your girl is not Tebow's idea of celebrating the birthday of his lord and savior Jesus Christ. 

 . . . Bill Belichick would sit his starters for the Jaguar game on Sunday but then he would have no reliable players to run up the score.

 . . . Listening to Rex Ryan explain his recent quarterback decisions reminds you to make a donation to the Alzheimer's Foundation.