by Kennedy Ross

Cold, Hard Football Facts AFC East Overlord (@FNscribeNY)

For the sake of the networks, lets assume for a minute that the New York Jets have found their heart. They have found their hunger. They have found all the various skills on the field that have eluded them for much of the year. 

That means you will have motivation to fight the Tryptophan surging through your bulging bellies on the night of Thanksgiving when these two teams take the field.

The Jets gave the Patriots a fight the last time they played earlier this year. So they have overcome all of their issues at the right time to make a push right? BZZZZ, wrong answer.

Like everyone in the AFC East who is not the Patriots, the Bills and the Dolphins have all but mathematically eliminated themselves from playoff contention. They are not just playing for proverbial pride, but also to avoid the proverbial "pack your crap and get the hell out of here" conversation with the security guard at the facility.

Here are five things you should be aware of in week 12:

1. Tom Brady is just that good. (Patriots vs. Jets)

This week an anonymous source said that the Patriots were going to tear the Jets a new one. Not any more shocking than the Tim Tebow comments, but just as true. Of course, that source was anyone who hasn't been hooked up to a life support machine for the past three months.

Despite the efforts the Jets put forth last week against the Rams, they will be facing a team that put forth a greater effort than the both of them together.

Yes, one of Tom Brady's favorite targets, tight end Rob Gronkowski will not be playing. However tight end Aaron Hernandez will be playing and have veteran tight end Visanthe Shiancoe on the field with him. Plus the ever present Wes Welker hasn't hit the stand up circuit just yet. 

Add in wide receiver Julian Edelman and running back Danny Woodhead coming from out of the backfield and it seems the Patriots won't be in too much trouble against the Jets.

Here are the statistical categories the Patriots are ranked top five in:

Offensive Passer Rating

Real Passing Yards Per Attempt


Real Quarterback Rating

Offensive Hog Index

Here are the statistical categories the Jets are ranked top five in:

 . . . . . . Cricket . . . . Cricket . . . . . . Cricket . . . . 

Nuff said!

2. Not all rookies are alike. (Bills vs. Colts)

Last week the Bills made Miami's rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill look pretty bad. Tannehill finally collapsed in the fourth quarter under the pressure. Now the Bills get another rookie quarterback to slap around. Or at least so they hope.

Buffalo heads to Indianapolis to try and administer a supplemental lesson to Andrew Luck after the harsh one he received at the hands of the Patriots last week. 

This will be a good test for Luck. The Bills, although not a power house, have spurts of trouble maker in them. They can make life difficult for the lesser prepared quarterbacks in the league. Especially with defensive end Mario Williams seemingly coming back to his pro bowl form, things can get sticky.

The key is for luck to not get too far behind in the game. The reason is because the Bills still rank No.7 on our Offensive Hog index. They can control the game after getting a lead with their running game.

The Colts are near the bottom of the league in run defense. They also wreak in their pass defense as well. If the right one of Ryan Fitzpatrick's personalities show up to the game, it could mean a long day for the Colts defense. 

3.The coastal wars continue. (Dolphins vs. Seahawks)

The Seahawks have been doing a good job against the AFC East this year. They pulled off a major upset of the Patriots in week six. Then they destroyed the Jets in week 10. They just both happen to be home victories.

This week Seattle has to do a little traveling. They travel to the diametrically opposite end of the country, better know as Miami beach. 

The Seahawks aren't all about geography. They rank top five in several major passing defense categories. Their rookie quarterback Russell Wilson has had four games with a rating north of 110. All those games happen to be home victories too.

Come to think of it, they have one of the loudest fan bases in all of football. They even have their own name. They are called "The 12th Man". They make play calling, particularly on pass plays, very difficult for the opposing team. 

They are 6-0 at home. Maybe they are all about geography.

This would be a good game for Miami rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill to rebound on. He took a beating last week against the Bills. This is also a good team for Reggie Bush to do something note worthy this year since the Seahawks are in the lower third of the league in run defense.

The forecast for Sunday in Miami is 76 degrees and sunny. Sounds like Krytonite to the gloomy guys in green. 

4. Rex needs breath mint after Brady butt smooch.

Jets head coach Rex Ryan went over and above the necessary Brady-loving in an interview this week. Among the things he said of Brady:

" . . . he's a machine back there"

" . . . once-in-a-generation-quarterback"

" . . . a passionate and fiery leader"

While he was praised in the New York Media for not "riling up the Patriots" with predictions and smack talk, can you really take him seriously?

This is the same man who claims that Tim Tebow can throw the football. This is the same man who said Wayne Hunter was doing a good job for the Jets the week before they traded him to the Rams. 

No one is suggesting that Brady is a bum like the aforementioned Jet players. It just makes you wonder these days how much of what comes out the coaches mouth is just lip service and what he actually believes.

Not to mention that if he believes brown-nosing will make Brady and Bill Belichick call off the dogs when they have the Jets down by 21 in the fourth quarter, he will be sadly mistaken. Just like with Wayne Hunter and Tim Tebow.

5. You can sleep well knowing . . .

 . . . Rob Gronkowski broke his arm in the final minutes of the Patriots blow out of the Colts. Fortunately it wasn't his touchdown spiking arm.

 . . . Rex Ryan loves everything about Tom Brady, except his choice of footwear. Uggs cover too much of the foot for Ryan's taste.

 . . . Reggie Bush and his new (sort of looks like Kim Kardashian) girlfriend are expecting a new baby. He better step his game up so he can get a jump on those child support payments  . . . coming sooner or later.