By Will Kantrowitz
Cold, Hard Football Facts professor of internettery 
Before we start, check out this hippie's Week 1 picks. You'll be impressed by his analysis: "I don't think that Washington is that good anyways" and "I think Tennessee is gonna be pretty good this year." Cutting-edge stuff ... for a filthy hippie.
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Can I call you Tom too?
You've probably seen this clip a million times, but it's a Family Guy classic related to football.
Tell us something we don't know.
Chargers decide maybe a verbal battle isn't a good idea when heading to Foxboro
Why the hell not?
Brady Quinn possibly to start Sunday.
Dominant on the field, but not on the tube
AFC catching up to larger-market NFC in TV ratings.
The Media Circus
The folks at Joe Sports Fan make fun of the media. Enjoy 

Vida Guerra is hot
Not exactly football, but it does relate to hot chicks and booze.
Great spoof on Peter  King