It's come to our attention that many of our beloved Cold, Hard Football Facts trolls – who we generally think of as unemployable, dirt-faced indigents – actually work in the high-tech, web development, sports media and venture capitalist communities. So, it seems natural to reach out here to our greatest asset: our readers.
(Some would argue that our greatest asset is our world-record in the mobile shopping-cart keg stand ... but let's not quibble.) was literally created in a single day and launched on a whim in September 2004. With nothing to support the product but its unique, entertaining voice and unparalleled analysis, it has since become one of the most popular independent football sites in the country, as voted in numerous independent surveys, and generates significant traffic, loads of media coverage and devoted reader worship (Hi Mom!).
We have proven that the brand can work.
Now we are ready to take the next step into a multisport, multimedia empire. That's where you might come in.
We are out in the sports-media, web-publishing and VC marketplaces seeking a strategic partner or partners who can work with us to take the greatest and most entertaining football site on the web and help us turn it into a multi-media, multi-sport brand that will crush all those who stand in our way, much like we've crushed any and all "pundits" who have doubted or dared challenge the blind, unbiased, emotionless power of the Cold, Hard Football Facts.
The opportunity for the right partner is pretty clear: If you're looking for an entry into the sports-media marketplace, you have two options:
1) You can spend a load of time and money building a new brand and product, hope that people like it, pray that you've found the right creative talents, beg for media attention and recognition, and yet still fall short of the power of the "Cold, Hard" brand; or
2) You can partner with a brand that's already proven it can work, has captured the attention of the sports-media marketplace and is organically growing on its own at a pretty impressive clip.
Clearly, the second option makes a lot more sense than the first.
We have already had talks with a number of companies, and have even had one offer to purchase the brand. But we have yet to find the perfect match. We know what we need to do to take the next step, and we know the kind of partner we need to reach that point.
If you're that right partner, you will get a chance to help build the nation's coolest, most accurate and most distinct sports brand and make a ton of money in the process.
We know what we're good at: we're good at analyzing sports and entertaining readers. But we also know what we're not good at, and hope to find the right partner to fill that void.
We are looking for a strategic partner that:
  1. Understands web sales, marketing and optimization, and knows how to take advantage of thousands of pages of content on the site.
  2. Understands web technology and can help us build our database of proprietary stats.
  3. Understands a few other key aspects of the multimedia publishing and broadcasting world, which we'll discuss in greater detail with promising partners.
  4. Or, has the money to acquire the skills we need.
Our readership grows at a 2-to-1 rate year to year. We will continue to grow and prosper on our own. But we know we can prosper more quickly and abundantly with a partner who has certain skill sets.
We will entertain only serious offers. This is not the opportunity for a guy who has a couple ideas for improving the site (though we do always welcome those ideas).
Instead, it is an opportunity for a serious and successful partner looking for a way to enter the sports-media marketplace with a brand that's already proven it can work.
Future goals include building an entire suite of "Cold, Hard" sites under the "Cold, Hard Sports Facts" umbrella and then extending this brand into multimedia with the help of our friends in the TV, radio and print worlds.
If you feel your business, personal talents, partners or checkbook can help grow the vast, multi-sport, multimedia potential of the "Cold, Hard" brand, write to us and introduce yourself. Tell us about your business and your specialties, and we'll take it from there.