The Cold, Hard Football Facts crew are simple people who like simple things, such as beer, trucks and girls. And this being summer, with fewer stats to crunch than we have at the dizzying height of the season, when we don't leave mom's basement, we like to dream of said beer, trucks and girls.

We enjoy our beer and our trucks almost every single day. And songs like this remind us that maybe one day we'll enjoy the touch of a woman, too. Dream big, our summertime friends, dream big.

By the way, here's a look at the Official CHFF PIGSKIN Ford F-150 on July 4, 2012. You'll notice beer. You'll notice a truck. You'll notice men, including our own Frankie C., and you'll see the Chief's nephews. You'll even notice a crispy fresh cooked pig about to be pulled apart and savored.

You might also notice the complete lack of women. That's how we roll, folks ... and not by choice.