Friend of the Facts Julie Johnson runs a magazine called All About Beer. We used to travel with her on brewery tours of Europe and even Asia. Tough gig, we know.

Then we gave it all up for the glamorous life we lead now: huddled in a dark basement devoid of physical pleasure and the touch of a woman, all in the service of you, our devoted Pigskin Public (Hi Sheriff Rosco!) 

Julie pulled out this classic cover of All About Beer from 1983, when pro football Hall of Fame wide receiver and Super Bowl XI MVP Fred Biletnikoff was in the beer biz, apparently. We don't know what he did. But Julie is going to scan the whole article and send it to us.

The beer in his hand, Patrizier, if from a brewery in Nuremberg, in the Franconia section of Bavaria, which is really the heart of German beer country. Please note how Biletnikoff balded like a real man: shiny head and proud, with porn 'stach and beer in hand. None of this Wes Welker-style hair weave bullsh*t for Old Stickum.