By Jonathan Comey
Cold, Hard Football Facts armpit scratcher 
Well, there's been a bit of drama in Bonzo's lair this week.
After going over .500 against the spread for the fourth straight week at 8-6, Bonzo had just made his Week 5 picks when he suddenly bolted from the Prediction Area and broke loose.
We've been looking for him all week, and frankly, we're worried. We don't dare report it to the authorities, because they take a dim view of Bonzo dating back to an ugly event at a senior home back in 2002 (let's never speak of it again).
Anyway, Bonzo didn't get a chance to share his thoughts on the game with the Monkey Translator 3000 software, but that's the least of our worries right now. We have to find him before the cops do, or we're going to be looking for a similar simian next week.
Don't worry. We'll track him down. We always do. 
At 38-23 against the spread for the season, Bonzo is just a game behind expert Pete Prisco, and tied with Clark Judge. All of CBSSports' picks can be found here.  But why would you want to see their Week 5 picks, when Bonzo needs your support more than ever!
Bonzo's picks: 
Miami at Houston (-5.5): HOU
Tampa Bay at Indianapolis (-9.5): IND
Jacksonville (-2.5) at Kansas City: JAX
Cleveland at New England (-15.5): CLE
Carolina at New Orleans (-2.5): CAR
Jets at Giants (-2.5): NYG
Seattle at Pittsburgh (-5.5): PIT
Atlanta (+8.5) at Tennessee: ATL
Detroit at Washington (-3.5): WAS
Arizona (-3.5) at St. Louis: AZ
San Diego at Denver (-1): SD
Baltimore (-2.5) at San Francisco: SF
Chicago at Green Bay (-2.5): CHI
Monday: Dallas (-9.5) at Buffalo: BUF