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Cold Hard Football Facts' White Out distributor

What a week for Jordy Nelson. Before the weekend hit, it became newsworthy that Jordy White ah, er, Jordy Nelson is white. Ha! Next thing you know they'll tell me Reese's cups have peanut butter in them. 

Nelson conitnued the party in Week 11, as the lead dog for Green Bay's pass catchers, which brings us to more stereotype reaction from the pundits.

Kevin Seifert, from his story Stereotyping Jordy Nelson“I would think opponents are now fully aware that Nelson is not a stereotypical white receiver, if there is such a thing. He can run past anyone, as suggested by his average of 18.7 yards per catch over that 16-game stretch.”

It's becoming more and more obvious that stereotypes are meant to be shattered, in all facets of life. We have a black president, for example. We have 7 black head coaches in the NFL, for example. We had 4 black starting quarterbacks on Sunday. In one game (Oak/Min), one black quarterback was out because of a season ending injury while the other was the backup because his play warranted such a position, meaning at the start of the season there would have been 6l The fact that I'm even typing this is ridiculous.

Here's one more thing from Seifert: 

“This season, Nelson has showed us that stereotypes can be true. You just have to make sure you've nailed him on the right one.”

Midwestern blue collar people can make the proper adjustments because they're intelligent and game-savvy. Or something like that.

Katie Dowd, at the San Francisco Chronicle: “Green Bay Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson says he has a competitive advantage over the league. That advantage? He’s white.”

Put another way: Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson says he has a competitive advantage over the league. That advantage? His opponents latch on to stereotypes because they're fools for conventional wisdom.“

Former fullback Jon Ritchie, now an ESPN contributor: “I spent a majority of my athletic career as one or two of the only white guy in the room with running backs and we would watch film. And you'd see a white DB or a white tailback and the response was just garbage! You know like, 'That guy I garbage'. Jordy Nelson feels like people underestimate him as a wide receiver because I'm sure he probably underestimates white skilled guys in the NFL because I know I do and I was a white skill guy! I underestimate white skill guys in the NFL, and it's probably not a positive trait.”

Jon Ritchie was not bleeding when he said that, by the way.

White wide receiver Jordy Nelson: "I hate the spotlight," he said. "I don't like it. That's why, what happened last week, I did not like that one bit. … I don't even deal with race and anything like that. It's something we've discussed in the locker room here, and I hope it didn't offend anybody. … I'm not mad at anybody. I just don't like to be in the spotlight, and that kind of put me out there. We’re done with this underestimating stuff. I’m just trying to go out and do my job. I have an assignment on every play, and I try to do it to the best of ability. If it’s a pass, it’s to get open and give Aaron a target so if he comes my way, I’ll be able to make a play.” 

Packers safety Charlie Peprah: "A better Ed McCaffrey, maybe?. I don't know. I think Ed McCaffrey might have been a little longer, but I don't know. He's faster than Ed McCaffrey." 

And we say, he's a way better Ed McConkey

And it's happening right now!

Congratulations everyone!


Take it away, Bob: “It's good to actually be able to anticipate the Lions game on Thanksgiving Day again; rather than having it serve as a bland appetizer for the football feast to come.” 

How SI's Peter King describes it: “Week 11 sets up most thrilling lineup of Thanksgiving games ever.”

How Cold Hard Football Facts describes it: “Pass the stuffing, and under no circumstances let cousin Harry’s ramblings about politics and ‘Dancing With the Stars’ distract you from what could be the greatest NFL Turkey Day ever.” 

Conclusion: Bob Costas is bland.


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