FFSlots.com is a red, white and blue celebration of everything that's good with America: it's the fantasy football slot machine.

Spin the reels. Pick a team. Win cash prizes!

FFSlots is quick, fun, free and easy: You can field up to three teams each week. You get three players at each position and up to five spins to pick the best combination for each.

But sometimes the FF Slots Gods conspire against you, as they did the Cold, Hard Football Facts this week.

Here’s a look at our Week 7 team. It’s gotta be the worst fantasy football team ever, Eli Manning is one of the few saving graces on a team filled with fantasy duds.


You are stuck with your fifth and final spin for each position. And each time we went down the final spin this week, we got hammered.

Ahh, such is the life of a FFSlots player.

We’re fairly certainly your team will best our team this week.

There are cash prizes for those who top the FFSlots field each week, including $200 for the first-place team. HeyWire1 won last week. Here’s the Week 6 leaderboard and here’s a look at HeyWire1’s winning team.

Think you can spin up a better team? Give it a shot. (Note CHFF/Football Nation employees are not eligible for prizes; we play merely for the love of the fantasy football slot machine game.