Cold, Hard Football Facts publisher Kerry J. Byrne makes his second appearance of the new season on Milwaukee's ESPN Radio today at around 6:25 p.m. ET (5:25 p.m. CT) with host and friend to trolls everywhere Steve "The Homer" True.
Readers in the Milwaukee area can listen to the discussion live on ESPN Radio (1510 days/1290 nights). Others can listen over the Web by visiting the ESPN Milwaukee home page.
As you might guess from his name, Homer is a big Packers fan. So he's a little pumped up after Green Bay's surprising 2-0 start, feeling his oats a bit, and ready to rip the Cold, Hard Football Facts a new a-hole after we predicted a 6-10 season for the Pack.
It's always a good segment when Homer's opinions lock in death struggle with our pigskin sledgehammer, the Cold, Hard Football Facts, and it promises to be entertaining radio.
Actually, this could get ugly, folks. If we had feelings, they might get hurt.