Chief Troll Kerry J. Byrne appears with our pals "Dennis & Callahan" Wednesday morning on sports radio WEEI 850AM in Boston, the nation's top-rated sports radio station.
The appearance is slated for 8:10 a.m. They'll discuss the mythology surrounding the need to "establish the run" in the NFL, with Byrne in all likelihood putting the debate to rest with a pigskin sleeper hold. They'll probably also dabble in New England's quest for history in so many different areas.
Fans of the Cold, Hard Football Facts in other parts of the country (Hi Cousin Cletus!) can listen live to the broadcast by visiting
We'll post the podcast of Wednesday's appearance once it becomes available later this week.
Byrne last joined Dennis & Callahan just before Thanksgiving to discuss the comparisons between statistical alter-egos Tom Brady and Joe Montana. You can listen to the podcast of that appearance here.