The Cold, Hard Football Facts chatted the other day with Phil Simms, the former Giants quarterback and legend of Super Bowl XXI who now shares his knowledge in the CBS broadcast booth with Jim Nantz as the network's No. 1 crew.
Simms was making the circuit around the interwebs to promote his involvement with Safe Kids USA and the Fed Ex Air & Ground NFL Player of the Week program.
You can vote for your favorite player each week on line. Safe Kids, meanwhile, works to provide safe home and play environments for children.
Simms talks to the Chief Troll about his involvement in the program. We also asked him quickly about his "in the zone" performance in Super Bowl XXI and his most memorable moment in the broadcast booth. He relayed a story we had never heard: the time a Patriots fan tried to decapitate with him with an iceball during the famous Oakland-New England Snow Bowl game in Foxboro.
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If the Chief Troll sounds a little casual, it's only because we didn't know we were getting a video of the interview. We thought we were just kind of bullsh*tting with him on the phone.