Old pigskin pal Pacman Jones is back in the news, busted in the wee hours of Sunday morning for disorderly conduct. Old pigskin pal John Dudley chronicled Pacman's greatest police blotter hits back on March 21, 2007. That story still rings true today. Looks like it's time to add another chapter to his lengthy rap sheet.
By John Dudley
Cold, Hard Football Facts Troll Emeritis
If you're like most law-abiding citizens, your interactions with the police are few and far between.
You give a courtesy nod to officers on patrol. You obey their instructions when they provide crowd control at concerts and sporting events. You might even have the occasional misfortune of getting ticketed for a traffic violation.
But if you're Adam "Pacman" Jones brushes with the law are a regular occurrence. In the time since Tennessee made him the sixth overall pick in the 2005 draft he has been involved in enough incidents to fill an entire season of "Cops."
As elusive as the cornerback/kick returner has been on the field (he brought back three punts and an interception for touchdowns last year), he is always getting caught off of it. Somehow, Jones just keeps finding trouble. Or, as he would have you believe, trouble miraculously keeps finding him.
You see, his celebrity status makes him a target, and that has led to a few misunderstandings.
In the 23 months from April 2005 to March 2007, Jones had no fewer than 11 run-ins with the police. (The total may actually be even higher, as a few incidents from a year ago have only recently come to light.) Here is a chronological recap, along with our best attempts to absolve poor, picked-on Pacman:
April 27, 2005 
Incident: Jones was at Club Blaze, a strip joint in Conley, Ga., when two women got into a fight. Andrea Akins, a supervisor at the club, told police that she had been punched in the mouth by Jones' female companion. Through her lawyer, she later claimed that Jones himself had hit her.
Outcome: No arrests were made.
Possible explanation: Bitches be buggin'.
June 8, 2005 
Incident: Jones was in a room at the Regal Maxwell House hotel in Nashville that was occupied by two of his friends, Lewis Kuffuor and Leandre Washinton. Because the men hadn't willingly checked out, police were called to investigate. Upon arriving, the officers said that the room smelled of marijuana, and they promptly found some on a tabletop.
Outcome: Jones had claimed that "Lewis had the weed," and Kuffuor was arrested for drug possession.
Possible explanation: Pacman dropped by the room strictly to observe.
July 13, 2005 
Incident: Jones had rented Club 615, a Nashville nightspot, for a private get-together that would follow the Destiny's Child concert on July 12. After members of his party were asked to leave for smoking marijuana, he had a physical altercation with the manager, Robert Gaddy, and another club employee, Lamar Woodson.
Outcome: Jones was arrested later that day on two misdemeanor counts of assault and one felony count of vandalism. All charges were dismissed in March of 2006.
Possible explanation: Pacman couldn't get the song "Say My Name" out of his head.
February 6, 2006 
Incident: Jones was sitting in his parked Bentley in Fayetteville, Ga., accompanied by his pregnant girlfriend and Kuffuor, who again had marijuana in his possession. They fled into a nearby house belonging to her parents, but a half-burned joint was left in the car's ashtray. Jones subsequently resisted being handcuffed, tried to fight with police and allegedly bit an officer on the hand.
Outcome: Jones was charged with a felony count of obstructing an officer and two obstruction of justice misdemeanors. The case is still pending, but his court appearance has been delayed until at least May 14.
Possible explanation: The smoke – all of which was second-hand – clouded Pacman's judgment.
March 23, 2006 
Incident: When Jones arrived at the Fayetteville home he had bought for his mother, the Fayette County Drug Task Force was executing a search warrant. An investigator said that the inside of the player's Corvette reeked of marijuana, and Jones freely admitted to having smoked it on his way there. The drug was also found in the house, including in his mother's bedroom.
Outcome: The possession charges against Jones were dismissed in January, but his mother and a friend were convicted.
Possible explanation: A family history of glaucoma has prompted the Joneses to experiment with medical marijuana. 
April 1, 2006 
Incident: Jones was considered a person of interest after police arrested nine people in connection with a large drug ring in the Nashville area. Among the items seized were 1,653 pounds of marijuana, 128 pounds of cocaine and a Cadillac XLR with "Pac-Man" embroidered on the headrests. The vehicle was legally registered to Darryl Moore, a convicted felon and the target of the drug-trafficking investigation. Jones acknowledged that Moore was an acquaintance and claimed to have loaned him the vehicle for the making of a video.
Outcome: Jones was never charged with anything, and he eventually bought back the vehicle at a police auction.
Possible explanation: With so many pimped-out rides, it's tough to keep track of which ones you still own and what they are being used for.
April 18, 2006 
Incident: Jones was among a small group of people at a gas station in Memphis when an early-morning fight erupted and gunshots were fired. A surveillance camera caught the events on tape.
Outcome: Police questioned Jones and determined that he had no direct involvement.
Possible explanation: Pacman was just checking his oil when he witnessed the gunplay.  
August 25, 2006 
Incident: Jones was loudly arguing with a woman, Shakkiah Curtis, outside of the Sweetwater Saloon in Murfreesboro, Tenn. Officers ordered him to leave several times, but he just continued to yell profanities at them and Curtis. Meanwhile, another female patron, Toya Garth, filed a police complaint that claimed Jones had spit in her face.
Outcome: Jones was arrested for disorderly conduct and public drunkenness. A judge ruled that the case would be expunged after six months if the terms of probation are met.
Possible explanation: Those drinks evidently contained something more potent than "sweet water."
October 26, 2006 
Incident: Jones was attending a private party at Club Mystic, a Nashville nightclub, and looking to find a dance partner. He got into a verbal exchange with Krystal Webb, a student at Tennessee State University, and allegedly spit in her face.
Outcome: A charge of misdemeanor assault was dismissed last month.
Possible explanation: Pacman was simply trying to remove a hair from his tongue.
February 19, 2007  
Incident: Jones was showering strippers with dollar bills at the Minxx Gentlemen's Club in Las Vegas – "making it rain," as the practice is called. In the scramble to grab his money, some of which was in a plastic bag, a melee broke out. Jones allegedly slammed a dancer's head against the stage and scuffled with security guards, threatening to kill one of them. Outside the club a short time later, a man fired a semiautomatic shotgun and wounded three people. According to the club's co-owner, Robert Susnar, the shooter had been with Jones throughout the evening.
Outcome: Jones was interviewed twice by police, but he is only considered a witness at this point.
Possible explanation: Hey, everyone gets a little crazy when it rains.
March 9, 2007 
Incident: While Jones was at a bowling alley in Franklin, Tenn., he was confronted by an angry man. Clayton Smith brandished a small pocketknife and threatened to stab him.
Outcome: Smith has been charged with aggravated assault.
Possible explanation: The guy felt that Pacman's presence caused him to roll a gutter ball.
Maybe the knife-wielding Smith was completely unprovoked in this last episode. It's conceivable. Yet Jones has claimed that he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time for almost all of these 11 incidents. He insists that he has largely been a victim of circumstance.
The Cold, Hard Football Facts are more than willing to give anyone the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunate events do happen. But all doubt is removed when you routinely demonstrate an utter inability to steer clear of criminal activity.
Where there's smoke...
...there's probably Pacman getting high.