After seeing the broadcast maps we published yesterday, Washingtonian and Cold, Hard Football Facts reader Jim Kelly (not the HOF one) wrote to thank the Fox network for giving every man in northern Washington State a reason to hit the local tavern on Sunday ... as if your rampant alcoholism wasn't reason enough.
Hey guys:
The broadcast maps were cool. Thanks for posting the link. Here's something that you should know about: Fox isn't broadcasting NFL games form north of Spokane, WA to Pullman, WA. Why? The local cable carrier, Fox, and/or the local Fox affiliate, KAYU, are having a pissing contest. The cable company wants to have Fox pay for being broadcasted.
Fox doesn't want to pay for a service that people can get for free, and no one knows what KAYU is doing.
Fox states that anyone can get Fox for free because it is sent out over a network band. But how many televisions now have rabbit ears built in, or are capable of even using them? As I said, a pissing contest. And it has been going on since week fourteen of last year. No Fox at all in our region since then.
Fox has now given every guy a legitimate reason to be in a bar on Sunday. And I never thought that I would see a bar full just so everyone could watch Family Guy. Anyway, thanks for the broadcast map post. Keep up the good work.
Jim Kelly