Cold, Hard Football Facts TV was a pretty cool feature for us last season, pairing the action-packed statistical adventures of the CHFF crew with the magic of these new-fangled moving picture “talkies” that all the kids are into these days.
Heading into the draft, host Butch Stearns and CHFF Potentate of Pigskin Kerry J. Byrne are back at it again. They tackle some of the biggest issues in the NFL since the pigskins stopped flying in anger back in February.
Prime Numbers: It's all about pass defense
You can’t win in the NFL without great pass defense. We look at five teams with rock-star quarterbacks but that need to build their porous pass defenses in the off-season if they want to win the Super Bowl. Hitting shutdown corners and high-motor pass rushers hard in the draft would be a good way to start for these five teams.
Icy Issue: Peyton & the Broncos still a long way from Super Bowl contenders
The consensus among the pigskin “pundits” is that the Denver Broncos won the Peyton Manning lottery here in the 2012 off-season. The Cold, Hard Football Facts of the matter are that Denver will struggle to win in 2012 with an aging, wounded quarterback who struggles outdoors being paired with a porous defense.
Quality Stats: Gregg Williams disgraced dude, lousy defensive coordinator
Former Saints coordinator Gregg Williams has been disgraced in the wake of the Bounty-Gate scandal in New Orleans. The reality is that he’s never been an elite defensive coordinator, either. His defenses ranked, on average, 14th in scoring and 17th in Defensive Passer Rating.

Captain Comeback: Tim Tebow's ripple effect around the NFL
Tim Tebow changed history in 2011, and not just by lifting the Broncos from losers to AFC West champs. Captain Comeback Scott Kacsmar looks at his butterfly effect around the NFL. It not for his unorthodox style and success, the Packers would have gone undefeated, the Steelers might have won the AFC title, the Chargers or Raiders would have won the AFC West and Matt Flynn wouldn’t have earned a big fat payday in Seattle.