Cold, Hard Football Facts TV, with host Butch Stearns of the Pulse Network and Potentate of Pigskin Kerry J. Byrne, tackles the conference title games with such brute force that Gridiron Godfather Roger Goodell threatened to suspend us for four games.
Quality Stats – A look at Defensive Passer Rating
Sizing up pass defenses? Do not look at yards allowed. Look instead at Defensive Passer Rating, which has an incredibly high correlation to postseason success.
Strength in Numbers –Breaking Down the Final Four
We examine all four conference-title contenders through the prism of key Cold, Hard Football Facts Quality Stats.
Prime Numbers – Is Eli Elite?
Eli Manning told Football Nation he was elite at the start of the 2011 season and then spent the rest of the year proving it on the field. We take a statistical look at the architect of the greatest drive and greatest upset in NFL history.
Captain Comeback: Alex Smith’s star-making moment
San Francisco quarterback Alex Smith had a career-making moment against the Saints in the divisional round, pulling off not one but two clutch TD drives in the final four minutes of the game.
NFC title game – Giants-49ers
We look at the stats that will prove the difference between victory and defeat Sunday at Candlestick Park.
Bet on It: AFC title game, Ravens-Patriots
CHFF Insider is an incredible 27-12 against the spread over the past four weeks, the tip of three incredible years of success easily beating the pigskin marketplace. The Patriots are big 7.5-point favorites at home in the AFC title game. That number looks a little scary, if you examine the game through the prism of our Quality Stats at CHFF Insider.