Rex Ryan chose to suck this year, sticking with the brutal Mark Sanchez against the much more effective Tim Tebow. We break it all down this week here on CHFF TV. In fact, it's quite possible the Jets make the playoffs if Tebow is the quarterback. 

Here are the numbers that indict Rex Ryan as the Clown Prince of the NFL: 

Tim Tebow career: 599 touches, 29 total TDs, 15 total turnovers, 81.2 Real QB Rating

Mark Sanchez 2012: 509 touches, 13 total TDs, 26 total turnovers, 55.3 Real QB Rating. 

The Jets lost because Sanchez sucked. Tebow may not be the Second Coming of quarterbacks. But he certainly sucks far less than Sanchez. And he's far more effective than his passing inaccuracy would lead you to believe, thanks to his rare skill sets and underappreciated ability to protect the football. 

Tebow's career Real QB Rating of 81.2 would have been No. 14 in the NFL this year and better than the mark posted by four playoff teams. His career Real QB Rating was 26 points higher than Sanchez's suck-ass performance in 2012. 

It's a HUGE difference when you consider that Real QB Rating has the highest Correlation to Victory of any indicator. Teams that won that battle won 85.5 percent of NFL games (218-37) in 2012, consistent with historic norms.