We’ve played just three weeks of football, but already the stats that matter most in the NFL are taking shape. CHFF TV host Gary Tanguay and  Potentate of Pigskin Kerry J. Byrne discuss the Correlation to Victory of many of our indicators this week. The list is highlighted by our incredible new indicator, Real Quarterback Rating.
We know which stats matter most, because at CHFF Insider we track the Correlation to Victory (and the Predictive Rate of Victory) of all our Quality Stats and many other commonly used indicators. So far, no stat is better than our brand-new Real Quarterback Rating, which tracks all aspects of a quarterback’s performance, passing, running, interceptions, sacks, fumbles and more.

Check out the Correlation to Victory of all these indicators. It's pretty enlightening about what matters most in football. 
  • Teams that run the ball better (higher average per attempt) are 25-23 (.521) through Week 3
  • Teams that pass for more yards are 26-22 (.542)
  • Teams that rush for more yards are 28-20 (.583)
  • Teams that pass the ball better (higher average per attempt) are 33-15 (.688)
  • Teams with a higher passer rating are 34-14 (.708)
  • Teams that win the CHFF efficiency battle (Scoreability-Bendability) are 40-8 (.833)
  • Teams with a better CHFF Real Quarterback Rating are 43-5 (.896)

All these stats and information, along with many other features, are available to CHFF Insiders. It's easily the best statisitcal deal in town ... no matter what town you call home.