As loyal readers know, the pigskin establishment often turns to the Cold, Hard Football Facts for new ways of looking at an old game. Our influence is now spreading to the greatest image shaper in sports, NFL Films. 
We're already proud to count mainstream sports outlets such as Sports and among our partners. You can read our material at places like, too. Even the non-sports media hail our content, including football-loving reporters at the N.Y. Times, the Wall Street Journal, and even the hoity intellectuals at the Atlantic Monthly. All big fans. And we whore ourselves out at so many radio shows around the country that we feel a little dirtier than usual.
We're bad ass, in other words.
But even we were excited to get the call from NFL Films this summer. They invited us to be a part of their series of specials that will mark the 50th anniversary of the AFL in the fall. Essentially, they were attracted by our myth-busing masterpiece, "Everything you know about the AFL is wrong" which we published back in March.
Steve Sabol and company needed someone to offer something a little different than the old AFL clichés, so that's where we came in. In fact, after meeting the guys down there, we came up with another myth-busting masterpiece this week, "Don't drink the AFL Kool-Aid!" which proves that most of the great offensive performances of the interleague war years of the 1960s came out of the NFL, not the AFL as conventional wisdom would lead you to believe.
The experience at NFL Films was pretty cool. It was great to get the invite, but we were even more thrilled when we walked into Sabol's office to film the segments, and found that his office bulletin board was covered in print-outs from the Cold, Hard Football Facts – our unique form of football wisdom marked up, underlined and noted upon by the leader of NFL Films himself.
"We get a lot of ideas from you guys," said the ever-gracious Sabol during the filming.
Now that's pretty cool. And you guys all thought we were just a bunch of chubby faces with no class.