The 225 Club, the official tailgate team of the Cold, Hard Football Facts, has been hard at sloth and inactivity preparing for you a world-class championship weekend tailgate menu.
Here it is, with a touch of local flavor from our four title-game towns.
The recipe for this perennial Cold, Hard Football Facts favorite comes straight from the man who probably cooks more brats than any person in the world: the executive chef at Lambeau Field. You won't find a more authentic brat than that, folks.
As "humble pie" became a buzzword around New England this year – representing the effort by the Patriots to stay "humble" during their undefeated season – iconic Boston sports pub Cask & Flagon developed a hearty "humble" pot pie and added it to their menu. If it's too complex, make your own Cape Cod-style beer-battered fish & chips instead.
Just when you think mankind has conquered every known boundary of encased ground meat tubes, the folks from New Jersey boldly go where no tailgate man has gone before. The "ripper" is a deep-fried wiener found at hot-dog specialists in the Refinery State.
This iconic Southern California treat achieved national acclaim thanks to the folks at Wahoo's Fish Taco and may be the healthiest tailgate treat in the entire 225 Club portfolio. Despite their healthy qualities, these fish tacos are damn-fine tasty.